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Academic Awards

Tanioku Kihei Memorial Award

The Tanioku Kihei Memorial Award was established in 1995 when the 20th Annual Meeting was held in Okayama through contributions from dermatologists mainly from Okayama University, in honor of the late Kihei Tanioku, professor emeritus of Okayama University, who aided in the Society's founding.
The Award is presented every year at the Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Investigative Dermatology or the Annual Meeting of the International Investigative Dermatology to a domestic or foreign researcher who has made noteworthy lifetime achievements in dermatology or closely related research fields.


1995 Norbert Fusenig (German Cancer Research Center/DKFZ)
1996 Elaine Fuchs (Howard Hughes Medical Institute)
1997 Stuart Yuspa (National Cancer Institute, NIH)
1998 Tung-Tien Sun (New York University School of Medicine)
1999 James Cleaver
2000 John Stanley (University of Pennsylvania)
2001 Fiona Mary Watt (Imperial Cancer Research Fund)
2002 Thomas Luger (University of Münster)
2003 Dennis Roop (Baylor College of Medicine)
2004 Vincent J. Hearing (National Cancer Inst., NIH)
2005 Richard A. Spritz (Univ. of Colorado Health Sciences Center)
2006 Kathleen J. Green (Northwestern Univ. Feinberg School of Medicine)
2007 Stephen J. Galli (Stanford University School of Medicine)
2008 Paul Khavari (Stanford University School of Medicine)
2009 George Cotsarelis (University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine)
2010 W. H. Irwin McLean (University of Dundee)
2011 Ralf Paus (University of Luebeck)
2012 John A. McGrath (King's College London)
2013 Mark C. Udey (National Cancer Institute, NIH)
2014 Angela Maria Christiano (Columbia University)
2015 Thomas S. Kupper (Harvard Institutes of Medicine)
2016 Alexander H. Enk (University of Heidelberg)
2017 Michel Gilliet (Lausanne University Hospital)
2018 Jean Krutmann (IUF - Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine)
2019 Paul Nghiem (University of Washington)
2020 Amy S. Paller (Northwestern University)
2021 Howard Y. Chang (Stanford University School of Medicine)
2022 Russell P. Hall (Duke University)
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