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Sun Pharma RISING SUN AWARD 2023

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. established the Sun Pharma RISING SUN AWARD in 2014 to support the young and energetic researchers aiming at further development of investigative dermatology. In 2023, we will offer this award as follows.

Eligibility (Qualifications)

  • Applicant must be aged up to 49 years as of April 1st 2023.
  • Applicant must have been a member of the JSID for more than 3 years. (Regardless of nationality or location of affiliation)
  • Applicant can apply for the JSID Award at the same time but a recipient of the JSID Award will be excluded from the selection of the Sun Pharma RISING SUN AWARD.
  • Applicant may not apply for the Young JSID Award at the same time.

How to apply

Please apply from the following URL.

Application period: from 3 April to 30 June, 2023

Applications should include:

  1. A list of main first-author papers and their PDF files (5 papers)
  2. A list of corresponding-author or second-author papers excluding 1 (5 papers)
  3. A list of main 10 papers in the past five years (overlapped papers in 1 and 2 are acceptable)
  4. A summary of research achievements (around 400 written characters in Japanese)

Selection method

Applications will be evaluated by the selection committee (President, Secretary-General, and head of the Committee on Scientific Activities of JSID) and the award recipients (up to 3 recipients) are selected via approval by the Board of Directors. The selection committee will offer more opportunities to young researchers and female researchers.

Notification of results

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. will notify the applicants of the result in August 2023.


The winners will be invited to give an award lecture at the Sun Pharma RISING SUN AWARD 2023 awards ceremony. The winners will receive a certificate of recognition and a prize (1 million yen).
The names and affiliations of the award winners will be posted on Sun Pharma's website.
The names and affiliations of the award winners and the amount of the supplementary prize will be disclosed on the Sun Pharma Corporation website after the end of the financial year (April to March) in accordance with Sun Pharma Corporation's 'Guidelines for Transparency between Corporate Activities and Medical Institutions'.

Recipients of Sun Pharma RISING SUN AWARD 2023

Akane Minagawa (Shinshu University)
Sei-ichiro Motegi (Gunma University)
Takuya Takeichi (Nagoya University)

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