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Academic Awards

KSID/JSID Young Fellow Collegiality Awards

Who is Eligible?

  1. A member of the JSID who is currently active in investigative dermatology at an university department or laboratory or institution in Japan
  2. Under age 45 as of 1 April 2018
  3. Not a professor
  4. Submission of an abstract for KSID Annual Meeting
  5. The past awardee of the Young Fellow Collegiality Awards will not be accepted.

What are the Benefits?

  1. A diploma will be given at the KSID annual meeting and the awardee will be able to include the award in his or her curriculum vitae.
  2. The KSID will waive the registration fee for its annual meeting and will provide a travel fellowship award of US$500 and lodging for three nights.

How Many Awards will there be?

For 2019, the JSID plans to offer up to 2 awards

How do I apply for an award?

  1. Make sure you submit an abstract for the 2019 KSID meeting in Seoul, Korea.
    (deadline 26 January 2019; see KSID website for details :
  2. Apply by e-mail to the JSID. (
    (deadline for applications 26 January 2019)
    *Make sure to put "KSID/JSID Young Fellow Collegiality Awards" in the subject box. The Applicant will be informed when JSID office receives the applications.

Applications should include:

  1. One-page CV
  2. A copy of the abstract submitted for the KSID meeting
  3. A list of publications (papers in English)
  4. Recommendation letter from the chairman of an affiliation

Note: Please prepare all application documents in English. Submit as a PDF file including a to d.

Who will judge the applications?

The judging panel will comprise 4 representatives of the JSID.

When will Successful Applicants be notified?

The JSID will aim to announce the names of the successful applicants in March.

The JSID and KSID very much hope that these awards will help develop the careers and profile of young researchers by providing the opportunity for international exchange and collegiality.

Recipients of the KSID/JSID Young Fellow Collegiality Awards

Toshiya Miyake (Kyoto University)
Mika Takaichi (Osaka City University)

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